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Biometric data to be verified by digital signature

The problem of remote verification of authority and identity of a legal entity representative, including using biometric data, will be resolved through a record in a qualified digital signature (QDS). According to the new bill, the authority will be defined in a QES certificate. Authorized employees of companies should receive a certificate from the Federal Tax Service, while banks should receive the same from the Central Bank. After that, they will be entitled to obtain services as a legal entity in credit organizations remotely, through the biometric data of specific employees.

On July 23, the State Duma will consider in a first reading a bill on amendments to the Federal Law ‘On Digital Signatures’ (FZ-63). The draft bill, in particular, addresses the issue of verifying the authority of a citizen signing a digital signature for a legal entity. Kommersant reported on July 18 about the problem with remote verification of authority and identification of a legal entity representative signing with a QDS. The adoption of the amendments will allow fully launching a pilot project for remote banking services using biometric data of authorized employees, which has been impossible until now.

In particular, according to the draft bill, authorized employees of legal entities will apply to the certification center (CC) with a power of attorney describing their authority to validate their powers.

Vadim Arapov

Published July 22, 2019 in the Kommersant №127