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Paperless banking technologies lack reliability

The transition of banks to paperless technologies carries certain risks for customers, because in case of disagreement with the bank regarding the terms of service or the data indicated, it is very difficult to prove their correctness. An example of this is the rejection of “paper” by Alfa Bank which caused a flood of customer complaints about non-obvious terms of service. However, the State Duma intends to take control of the situation. In the fall, deputies plan to consider a bill that will oblige banks to submit to their customers a complete set of product documents in electronic or paper form of customers’ choice.

The analysis of posts on the forum showed the increasing complaints of Alfa Bank customers related to its use of paperless technologies. For example, credit card holders complained about the lack of documents on related insurance contracts (in particular, feedbacks dated July 23), debit card holders complained about the unexpectedly activated paid Alpha Check service (a feedback dated July 3) and on the removal of information about terms of free card service (a feedback dated July 12). The bank’s answers did not refute the indicated information.

Veronika Goryacheva

Published July 24, 2019 года in the Kommersant №129