Banks try on biometrics. They report on the availability of new solutions for customers

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At the end of last week, experts held a meeting at the Fintech Association (FTA) on the implementation of biometrics in banking services. The regulator asked to report the meeting participants on the readiness of their mobile applications and ATMs for the provision of services using biometric data, as well as on the plans to provide services based on biometrics to third-party customers and legal entities. And while banks mostly sorted out the services for their retail customers, they were not yet ready to serve third-party and, especially, corporate customers.

Kommersant got the details of the meeting held on November 1 at the FTA on the implementation of remote authentication projects. Market participants told about it. According to the plans of the Central Bank, starting January 1, 2020, banks should begin using biometrics to provide three basic services: opening accounts or deposits, issuing consumer loans, and money transfers.

Following the meeting (Kommersant reviewed its protocol), the FTA asked to provide data on implemented technologies in a short time (until November 15) to confirm operations in remote channels using biometrics.

Ksenia Dementieva

Published November 7, 2019, in Kommersant No. 204