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Banking information security to be checked at home.

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By the end of next year, a testing centre should appear in Russia for hardware and software cryptographic protection tools. Starting in 2024, all significant payment systems should use domestic security modules. However, there are still few Russian solutions, and in addition to meeting the Central Bank requirements, they must be compatible with existing international payment systems. The new centre will check the hardware and software for this compatibility.

Kommersant studied the presentation of the MinComSvyaz on the concept of a Center for testing cryptographic protection tools of significant payment systems. As follows from the concept, the purpose of the Center is to minimize the costs of Russian vendors. In particular, the centre will perform both remote (preliminary) testing and complex testing. The Bank of Russia supports the idea of creating such a service. “It is about ensuring national sovereignty and the smooth functioning of the National Payment System,” the Central Bank explained. “The Testing Center will check solutions for compliance with functional and technical requirements. That enables banks to purchase and use equipment that meets the requirements of the Regulation 382-P being compatible with existing international payment systems.”

Ksenia Dementieva

Published February 4, 2020, in Kommersant No. 19