Business clings to paper. Transition to digital document management hindered by mistrust of the “digital”

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Almost half of Russian companies (46%) do not take advantage of electronic document management. This according to a study of 4.3 thousand service companies for small and medium-sized businesses by BuchSoft (part of Aktion-MCFER). Among the reasons for abandoning digital solutions, businesses cited the relative reliability of paper media (44% of respondents), the high costs of electronic document management services (31%), and difficulties in learning such software (15%). At the same time, 35% of companies using “paper” document management have never encountered requests from counterparties to switch to digital.

Фото: Юрий Мартьянов / Коммерсантъ


Author: Diana Galieva

Published on June 29, 2020 on the Kommersant website