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Single window scammers.

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The Prosecutor General’s Office released a concept of a special resource to collect information from citizens about cyber fraud in the financial environment. Now the structures involved in the collection and research of this data do not interact with individuals which makes it difficult to exchange information. Every tenth Russian citizen has already become a victim of cyber fraud. The special resource will aggregate information from people through the state services portal and interact with other structures for effective assistance to citizens. However, experts doubt the project effectiveness without major legislative changes.

Kommersant obtained a draft concept describing the development of a specialized resource in Russia to combat computer fraud in the financial environment. The Prosecutor General’s Office prepared the project following the protocol of the government committee on the digital development of November 21, 2019. “A special resource is a set of organizational and technical measures for interaction with citizens, organizations, and authorized bodies regarding the prompt communication of data on signs of illegal actions related to information and communication technologies,” the document says.

Ksenia Dementieva

Published February 3, 2020, in Kommersant No. 18