Scammers made money on SIM cards. Scammers who withdrew money from personal accounts have been arrested

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Moscow Criminal Investigations Department operatives neutralized a criminal group that stole tens of millions of rubles from personal bank accounts by illegally reissuing their holders’ mobile phone SIM cards. This way they received access codes to the victims’ mobile banking and could withdraw funds from there. As it turns out, one of the criminals had been previously convicted of such crimes, but this did not prevent him and his accomplices from stealing their imprisoned comrades’ money in the same way. Cybercrime experts from Group-IB, who assisted police in catching the scammers, warn about the need to carefully monitor your personal data and to only allow operators to reissue SIM cards with you physically present.

Фото: Олег Харсеев / Коммерсантъ


Sergey Sergeev

Published on July 16, 2020 on the Kommersant website