Rosbank looking for a leak. International experts involved in the investigation

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Rosbank hired third-party experts to identify the source of information that led to a surge in fraudulent calls to bank customers. Kommersant’s sources in law enforcement agencies indicate that the completeness of the information used in the attacks motivated the bank to look for a possible leak of information. At the same time, experts point out the bank’s atypical behaviour: most companies prefer to deny incidents to the last.

Due to many fraudulent calls made this summer to Rosbank’s customers with the credit organization’s number being replaced, which led to the theft of funds, the bank engaged in “independent international organization to conduct a detailed investigation, identify fraudsters, and accurately determine the source of information used during such attacks “, Kommersant was told in the bank. To combat electronic fraud, Rosbank also strengthened information security, reconfigured relevant IT systems, held negotiations with representatives of telecom operators to block the possibility of replacing the bank’s number, and informed customers “in all online channels.” According to Mikhail Ivanov, Director of the Information Security Department at Rosbank, the data leakage is still not confirmed, as well as the fact that the attacks were targeted.

Veronika Goryacheva

Published October 23, 2019, in Kommersant No. 194