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Russians consider biometrics more reliable, but rarely use them

Russians believe that biometrics—that is, access to an account and their data using a fingerprint, voice, or facial image—protects their data better than passwords and PIN codes. VISA payment system reported these results based on their study of Russian consumer preferences. People still use passwords more often, even though they think passwords are less secure. More than half of the respondents have several different passwords. Fingerprint login is the most popular of biometrics with 41%. So far, only a minority relies on voice and face identification.

Фото: Эмин Джафаров / Коммерсантъ

Banks and payment systems outstripped social networks, manufacturers of mobile phones, and cellular operators in terms of the level of trust by Russian consumers, follows from the study results by VISA. In fact, 48% of respondents trust banks and payment systems to store their biometric data. Another 26% trust mobile phone manufacturer, 17% trust mobile operators, and 12% trust social networks with their data.


Olga Sherunkova

Published on March 26, 2020 on the Kommersant website