Happy new fear: scammers found another way to steal money from accounts.

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Criminals who specialize in stealing money from accounts have come up with a new trick. Operators of illegal call centers have begun to use a modified communication script which causes more trust than the previous one. The updated scheme turned out to be a more dangerous type of social engineering for account holders, bankers say. If earlier scammers disguised themselves as a bank security service and informed the victim about an account block due to a suspicious transaction, now they are wondering in which branch and when the customer wants to close the account: the bank allegedly received a request for this operation. A customer who, of course, didn’t make such a request, is immediately offered to “save” her money by transferring it to a certain “safe” account. The credit organizations interviewed by Izvestia and the Central Bank already know and warn about the new scheme: the scammers’ goal remains the same—to scam customer data to steal funds.

Published February 10, 2020, on the Izvestia website

Source: https://iz.ru/974127/anna-kaledina/s-novym-khodom-moshenniki-nashli-eshche-odin-sposob-khishcheniia-deneg-so-schetov