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Sberbank reveals coronavirus-related fraudulent schemes

Sberbank has recorded several new fraudulent schemes related to COVID-19, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank Stanislav Kuznetsov told RIA Novosti in an interview. They are aimed at stealing money and personal data of Russian citizens.

One such scheme is “compensation for damages from the virus.” Fraudsters offer the payment of social benefits and financial assistance. In doing so, they collect card data and personal data of people.

Scammers also register domains that contain the name of the Zoom video communication service, which became popular amid the epidemic. Since the outbreak began, 1,700 such domains have emerged, with 25% registered in the past seven days.

The attackers also began to call and inform people that they allegedly had contact with a coronavirus infected person, and that specialists would come to them to take a sample. They would say that the cost of such a procedure is 5 thousand rubles. Having received the money, the scammers disappear.


Published on April 13, 2020 on the Kommersant website