Ministry of internal affairs reported increase in cyber crimes by 70% in 2019

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During the nine months of 2019, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs recorded a 70% increase in the number of cybercrimes including those with bank cards and mobile phones. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the figures to TASS in their press centre responding to a request from the agency.

“For the nine months of 2019, employees of the internal affairs bodies registered 201.7 thousand crimes committed using information and telecommunication technologies, which is 70.3% more than during the same period last year,” the department said. The Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that the most widespread crimes involved the use of mobile technologies, bank cards, and the Internet.

The ministry said that “experts identified 14.2 thousand people who committed 66.8 thousand thefts using information and telecommunication technologies.”

Published January 10, 2020, on the TASS website