Waiting for a fake: Banks predict an increase in attacks on customer accounts

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Credit institutions are expecting a surge in the number of fraudulent banking applications. Izvestia was told this by security experts at large banks. Remote service became especially popular during the lockdown period: the number of software downloads and active users increased sharply, according to statistics shared by credit institutions. Fake applications can intercept messages with payment data, send cybercriminals logins and passwords for authorization at a real bank, and transfer money to fake accounts. Izvestia studied fake Sberbank and Alfa-Bank apps, which can already be downloaded on the Internet: they request access to device location and read SMS from a smartphone.

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Natalya Ilyina

Published on May 18, 2020 on the Izvestia website

Source: https://iz.ru/1011541/natalia-ilina/v-ozhidanii-feika-v-bankakh-prognoziruiut-rost-atak-na-scheta-klientov