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Scammers made money on SIM cards. Scammers who withdrew money from personal accounts have been arrested

Police neutralized a criminal group that stole funds from personal bank accounts by reissuing SIM cards.

Business clings to paper. Transition to digital document management hindered by mistrust of the “digital”

More than half of SMB companies prefer traditional paper formats.

Positive Technologies experts report an increase in the number of cyber attacks by 22.5%

In the first quarter of 2020, 22.5% more cyber attacks were detected than in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Sberbank spoke about popular online shopping fraud schemes

Bait-and-switch is a popular scheme used by cybercriminals to steal money from online shoppers.

Without SMS, with authorization: Banks introduce a digital signature-like technology for transfers

Confirming transactions this way will protect customers from password interception and reduce the risk of social engineering.

Ministry of Internal Affairs speaks against distinct criminal liability for social engineering

The police believe that these crimes can be regulated by already existing articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Waiting for a fake: Banks predict an increase in attacks on customer accounts

This can happen due to customers using fake banking applications.

Experts assessed vulnerabilities of banks’ mobile applications

Bank applications contain vulnerabilities that can help attackers steal money and customer data, experts at Positive Technologies said.

Sberbank reveals coronavirus-related fraudulent schemes

They are aimed at stealing money and personal data of Russian citizens.

Coronavirus in the crosshairs of scammers: the Central Bank reported on new ways to steal money from cards

Scammers steal money from the cards of credit institutions’ customers using various pretexts related to the topic of coronavirus infection.

Russians consider biometrics more reliable, but rarely use them

Russians prefer to use passwords, even though they consider them less secure.

Group-IB expects an increase in the number of cyber attacks on computers of employees working from home

The risk group includes the personnel of financial institutions, telecom operators, and IT companies. Stealing money or personal data will be the main goal of these cyber attacks.