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Happy new fear: scammers found another way to steal money from accounts.

An updated scenario of communication with potential victims turned out to be more dangerous than all those used earlier.

Banking information security to be checked at home.

By the end of the year, a testing centre for cryptographic information protection tools should appear in Russia.

Single window scammers.

A draft concept of a specialized resource to combat computer fraud in the financial environment.

SIMbiosis: banks and operators united against fraudsters.

They block confirmation SMSs if the customer has changed the mobile provider has kept the same number.

Sberbank estimated damage to russian economy due to cyber attacks in 2019 at 2.5 trillion rubles.

Possible damage to the economy due to cyber-attacks is estimated at 3.5–3.6 trillion rubles in the coming year.

Ministry of internal affairs reported increase in cyber crimes by 70% in 2019

The most widespread crimes involved the use of mobile technologies, bank cards, and the Internet.

Attacks that choose us. Good sleep only for banks

Technological attacks on banks of past years have been replaced by fraudulent calls to citizens from the “bank security service.”

Biometrics versus engineering. Photos and voices to fight fraudsters

To solve the problem of fraudulent calls, telecom operators request to give them the authority to block fraudsters.

Russian banks discovered a new virus to steal money

It can withdraw funds from Android smartphones without additional notifications.

Banks try on biometrics. They report on the availability of new solutions for customers

Details of the meeting held on November 1 at the FTA on the implementation of remote identification projects.

Китайская группа APT41

Chinese group apt41 spied on users via SMS

APT41, allegedly sponsored by China, specializes in cyber espionage and financially profitable campaigns.

Rosbank looking for a leak. International experts involved in the investigation

Rosbank hired third-party experts to identify the source of information that led to a surge in fraudulent calls to bank customers.