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The PayControl platform. Mobile signatures for everyone

Implementing the PayControl solution lets financial and insurance institutions introduce new digital services.

The evolution of digital channel security, or why SMS and push notifications are dangerous

SMS and push notifications are now being replaced by mobile authentication and digital signature technologies.

Signature on smartphone for security and for business

BIS JOURNAL talked with Daria VERESTNIKOVA, Commercial Director of SafeTech, about how to solve the current security problems of online and mobile banking.

Signature valid: how safetech protects banks with digital signature

Denis Kalmberg, CEO of SafeTech, discussed in an interview with Snob the way the company developed solutions for digital banking protection.

“Security cocktail”: protection against financial scams

Adaptive authentication is able to minimize all the major risks of security for all the transaction types and improve user experience at the same time.

How banks can retain their digital customers

Denis Kalmberg, CEO of SafeTech, shared more about mobile digital signature and the role it plays in a modern banking sector.

Paperless office and signature with smartphone

How to simplify the customer experience, reduce the risks of social engineering, and get rid of papers?

Two sides of mobile digital signature. Mobile signature with smartphone: the growing trend of 2019

2018 was the year of the successful implementation and development of new mobile financial services, while many banks focused on corporate customers.

Qualified signature with mobile device. How to protect digital interaction of a person with business and government

In the age of the digital economy, technology allows us to communicate, make financial transactions, and sign electronic documents without seeing each other.

Signing transactions in mobile services. The main question today is how to mitigate risks and maintain customer confidence

“Generation Z” has recently become the target audience of banks, which until recently was profitable only for…

Security as an engine of remote services. New level of convenience and mobility with reduced client risks

The development of remote banking services is a complex and multifaceted process in which both the bank business units and the IT/InfoSec departments are equally deeply involved.

SMS codes are insecure. What’s next?

The high popularity of mobile banking induces additional risks for customers and their operations. What the risks are and how to address them, Denis KALEMBERG, CEO of SafeTech, told in an interview with NBJ.