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Developing a service for a new business registration and opening a bank account online using myDSS application to generate a qualified digital signature

«The results of an innovative project implemented in cooperation with SafeTech allow new entrepreneurs to prepare a complete package of documents for registration of a legal entity, process and pay the state fee, and then transfer the documents to the registrar in just 10 minutes. In this project, PSB together with SafeTech eventually saved people from going to the Federal Tax Service and using the sophisticated legacy cryptographic information protection hardware thanks to the mobile QDS.
The introduction of a new service in our bank has made available the automatic opening of current accounts. Therefore, we are talking about the business registration service as the mainstream of attracting customers.».
Roman Gavrilov,
Vice President of the Small and Medium Business Unit
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Implementation of technologies for financial transaction mobile authorization into the online banking and mobile business application of Vozrozhdenie bank

«The unique project feature of implementation the PayControl solution into the remote services of Vozrozhdenie Bank was an in-depth study of the whole range of technological, organizational, and legal issues. This required bringing innovative technologies in compliance with the current regulatory framework: the rules for the use of remote services, agreements with customers, manuals and guidance for users, as well as internal documents outlining the interaction between offices and subdivisions of the Bank. SafeTech, the developer of the PayControl platform, provided all the necessary support, which greatly determined the successful implementation of the project».
Natalya Tupikina,
Director of the Mass Segment Department
Vozrozhdenie Bank
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Developing a new online business registration service using the Cryptopro myDSS solution to generate a qualified digital signature on a smartphone

«VTB, as a technologically advanced and customer-oriented bank, strives to provide the most innovative services and additional digital services, imposing the highest requirements on their functionality, convenience, and security. Online registration of a business with the subsequent opening of an account has recently become one of the most discussed, expected, and sought-after services in the Russian banking industry. The first certified solution in Russia CryptoPro myDSS allowed to implement this service in full. Now, any new entrepreneur can open a business simply by sitting at home and without installing heavy software on his computer».
Spartak Solonin,
Head of Small Business Department,
Senior Vice President, VTB Bank
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Implementing digital signature on mobile devices to the Alfa business mobile application featuring fingerprint authorization

«A digital signature with fingerprint authorization significantly increases the level of payment security at Alfa Business Mobile. In addition, it is very convenient. Every day we get a positive feedback from customers. More than 20% of users choose to the first proposal to use payment authorization with a fingerprint in our corporate mobile application».
Denis Osin,
Head of the Small and Medium Corporate Business Unit
Alfa Bank
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Implementing digital transaction signing technologies into the Russian Agricultural Bank online banking and mobile banking for individuals

«You can actively develop a remote service system, fill it with the most innovative services, make it highly functional and convenient, but if you use outdated, inconvenient technology for authorizing operations, this negates the whole effect of your efforts. Russian Agricultural Bank, consistently developing its remote services, paid special attention to the transaction authorization and document signing system. At the same time, we strive to use the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, such as SafeTech PayControl platform».
Alexander Seryakov,
Head of Remote Banking Development Department. Russian Agricultural Bank, JSC

Implementing technologies for digital financial transaction signing on a mobile device into the Ak Bars Bank remote banking systems

«We set high requirements on all remote services of the bank. This is especially true for transaction security and the convenience of customer service. The PayControl software package meets our expectations. The introduction of this technology by our long-time partner SafeTech will help develop the services demanded by our customers, increase the number of bank users, and increase their satisfaction level with banking services».

Tatyana Nurieva,
Head of Remote Banking Development Department
Ak Bars Bank