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Signature valid: how safetech protects banks with digital signature

Денис Калемберг, генеральный директор SafeTech, специально для журнала «Сноб» о том, как создавались решения для защиты систем дистанционного банкинга.

“Security cocktail”: protection against financial scams

Адаптивная аутентификация способна свести к минимуму широкий спектр рисков, связанных с безопасностью всех типов платежей, при этом сделав жизнь клиентов банков проще.

How banks can retain their digital customers

Денис Калемберг, генеральный директор SafeTech, об использовании мобильной электронной подписи и ее роли в современной банковской отрасли, специально для журнала «Человек Дела», Минск.

Two sides of mobile digital signature. Mobile signature with smartphone: the growing trend of 2019

2018 was the year of the successful implementation and development of new mobile financial services, while many banks focused on corporate customers.

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Customers' interviews

Victoria denisova (otkrytiye bank): mobile signature comes to private

О том, почему для банкиров, работающих с состоятельными клиентами, так важны инновации и финансовые технологии, «Б.О» рассказала Виктория Денисова, банк «Открытие».

Sergey korolev, forbank: “you will always find your customer if you understand what product they need right now”

О том, как небольшому банку удалось достичь серьезных успехов в развитии цифровых каналов обслуживания рассказал Сергей Королев, ФорБанк.

Ildar Abdullin (Ak Bars Bank): Digital services let you do business

How to improve the Customer Experience when working with companies reliably ensuring their information security in the omnichannel environment.

Andrey Kuptsov (Russian Agricultural Bank): A new era of RBS

Andrei Kuptsov, Director of the Payment Card Business and Remote Banking Services Department at the Russian Agricultural Bank (RAB), told B.O (Bankovskoye Obozrenie magazine) about how the Bank is changing in technological terms and what interesting services and solutions it offers to retail customers in the remote banking system.

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Top news

Banks and telecom operators encountered massive phone number spoofing

As Kommersant found out, the scale of the problem with fraudulent calls to bank customers along with spoofing credit organization numbers is rapidly expanding. According to the Central Bank, over the summer, scammers managed to spoof at least 198 bank phone numbers.

The Central Bank intends to strengthen anti-fraud measures

The Central Bank intends to bring the problem of social engineering to the government for discussion with the aim to legislatively introduce blocking of bank cards of “mules”, the holders of accounts used for cashing in of funds.

Paperless banking technologies lack reliability

The transition of banks to paperless technologies carries certain risks for customers, because in case of disagreement with the bank regarding the terms of service or the data indicated, it is very difficult to prove their correctness.

Biometric data to be verified by digital signature

The problem of remote verification of authority and identity of a legal entity representative, including using biometric data, will be resolved through a record in a qualified digital signature (QDS). According to the new bill, the authority will be defined in a QES certificate.

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